Saturday, 26 May 2018

Teaching School Conference 2018

A huge thank you to the Teaching School Council for organising an inspirational Conference. As Broadford Primary is based in one of Havering's most deprived areas, the presentation from Sir John Jones really resonated.

Although we are very frank with staff and parents about the 40million words vs 10 million words gap by the time pupils enter into our Early Years Setting, the scale of the gap still hits you when the facts are refreshed.
Particularly upsetting is the 12:1 positivity ratio advantage that children from affluent backgrounds enjoy. Sadly many deprived children face have the opposite, receiving far more negative comments. Picking up their self esteem, building confidence and enabling them to see themselves as a success are real challenges.

Sir John's words rang very true. Teaching really is: 
A ministry of hope in the service of the young.
You are in the magic weaving business
Say that I’ll they’ll walk away
Say the former and they’ll run

It is even harder when you aren’t likely to see the results of what you do. But despite the revisiting of the challenges that we see every day, we left inspired to come back to Broadford & Mead to continue delivering on our vision that no child's future will be determined by their socio economic background.

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