Monday, 14 May 2018

Education Today Article - Life Long Love of Science

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Wellcome article on Primary Science

It has recently been the topic of debate how Primary school teachers are facing a number of barriers in teaching science. Typically only 1 hour 24 minutes a week is devoted to the subject (according to a new report from CFE Research for Wellcome).

When teachers were asked what barriers, if any, they experienced when teaching or leading science the top four categories were: 
  • lack of budget and resources (35 per cent)
  • a lack of time and curricular importance (22 per cent)
  • a lack of subject knowledge (11 per cent)
  • issues relating to setting up space or access to resources (10 per cent).
In addition, more than 8 in 10 teachers think that maths (84%) and English (83%) are ‘very important’ to the senior leadership team of their school, but this number falls to just three in ten (30%) when it comes to science, suggesting that the subject isn’t seen as a priority for primary teaching

Here is an article about how Broadford & Mead Primary - in partnership with Empiribox - have tried to ensure that Science remains a curriculum priority for the their children.

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