Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Peer Review: Mid Year Meeting

In partnership with the Education Development Trust, our Improvement Facilitators (IF) met together to review the progress with our peer review model so far. 

What have we found?
The IF role is vital in helping to establish staff ownership of the improvement targets.
100% of schools reviewed agreed that the IF workshop empowered staff to make a personal plan of action.

Effective communication between the IF and the Lead Reviewer is key. Where workshops have not been as effective it is because the aim wasn’t clearly defined enough and the IF needed greater support. 

Who is involved?
There are currently two clusters of schools - representing over 15 Havering primaries. In the Autumn of 2018 there is likely to be a third cluster starting. In addition there is a group of schools who are using the NAHT Aspire model to support a self led improvement cycle.

What impact has been seen so far?
Feedback from Headteachers and staff  indicates that:
  • There has been greater staff buy in for the  improvement process
  • The CPD provided has really helped to strengthen the role and status of Middle Leaders
  • A culture of sharing and collaboration is now much more prevalent across the partner schools 
  • Staff believe there is a shared corporate responsibility for outcomes 
It has been really inspiring to see the growth in confidence of the Havering IFs. They have risen to the challenge and been a vital part of the success of this first year of the review cycle.
Maggie Farrar

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