Thursday, 31 May 2018

SSIF Project: SLE Training

Our Strategic School Improvement Fund project launch is now entering the last phase. Having gone through the aims of the project with Headteacher’s, and trained the Teaching Assistants who will deliver the NELI intervention we have now spent two days with our SLEs.

These Early Years specialists will be responsible for supporting the target schools:
  • coaching the Teaching Assustant
  • collecting assessment and impact data
  • supporting reflections on the wider EYFS environment 
The SLEs from Broadford have been joined by leaders from Mead, Gearies, Clockhouse & Hilldene Primary. 

I am really excited at the opportunity to go and work with other settings and see this intervention in action!
C Tynan

Communication is such an important aspect of the Early Learning Goals. I am fully behind the aims of the project to improve outcomes across Havering. 
K Edwards

As the project progresses we will keep updating you on the impact that the NELI intervention is having. 

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