Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Vision to Provision Day 5 - EYFS Leaders and Headteachers Conference

We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming Pete Moorhouse back to lead our Early Years Conference this year.

This will be a great opportunity for Early Years Leaders and Headteachers to receive quality CPD from Pete Moorhouse. Pete provides a rich variety of creative CPD training sessions and delivers inspiring conference keynote presentations. He works with many Local Authorities and schools around the country providing early years training and also works internationally. The trainings are designed to inform staff of latest developments in the field and keep abreast of new issues.

The day will be split into three session. focussing on:

Encouraging Creative and Critival thinking in the Early Years

A focus around Enabling Environments

Woodwork in the Early Years

Below is a link in more detail about Pete:


More about the Conference:

Time: 9am - 3pm (coffee available from 8.30am)

Lunch: Provided for free to all EYFS leads and Headteachers in Havering

Booking: Please use the Havering portal to book your place

Audience: Headteachers & EYFS Leads

For further details, please contact: jstanley@teachingschool.havering.sch.uk

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Vision to Provision Day 4 - Tuesday 2nd April

Day 4 of our Vision to Provision programme is fast approaching. If you haven't already booked onto the course, please do so via Havering Education Services portal. This programme is free to all EYFS leads across Havering.

This is one of our most succesful programmes run in collaboration with Havering Education Services. It is run by staff working in schools alongside Havering's Early Years Advisor.

The EYFS Leadership programme has been designed to facilitate further continuing professional development for Early Years Leaders, focusing specifically on the establishment of a vision for everyday practice, the practical application of leadership strategies and the ensuring of a great start to school for all Havering Reception aged pupils.

Day 4 - EYFS Leadership training half day session: 
Tuesday 2nd April @ Mead
9.00am - 12.00pm or 1.00pm - 4.00pm

The focus for this session will be the 'Mid Year Check'. We will be:

Looking at your provision
  • Discussing impact on action plans - what next?
  • Articulating your pedagogical approach 
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement - Looking at your mid year data drop and going through your analysis- highlighting where children may be exceeding/highlight children you want to discuss
  • Looking at ways of effectively moderating your evidence within your teams

Dates to remember:

Second full day conference for EYFS Leaders and Headteachers: Thursday 9th May - keynote speaker: Pete Moorhouse

EYFS Leadership training half day session: Tuesday 2nd July

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Vision to Provision - Day 3

EYFS Leadership Programme

This month we welcomed over 36 Early Years Leaders to Day 3 of our Leadership programme. The Vision 2 Provision programme is run in collaboration with Havering Education Services.

The EYFS leadership programme has been designed to facilitate further continuing professional development for Early Years Leaders, focusing specifically on the establishment of a vision for everyday practice, the practical application of leadership strategies and the ensuring of a great start to school for all Havering Reception aged pupils.

The programme is designed to provide:

  • Inspiration to help shape and then deliver a clear vision for your setting
  • Opportunities to reflect upon your own leadership within your current setting
  • An enhanced understanding of leadership and management strategies and styles
  • Peer learning
  • Credible, valid and reliable professional development provided by expert EYFS professionals
Throughout day 3, we evaluated developments of our action plans; how we are leading our teams; reminded ourselves of the stautory requirements of Early Years and explored in depth expected outcomes in writing and how these can be achieved.

We look forward to welcoming all EYFS Leads to the next session on the 2nd April 2019

For further details, please see our flyer


Friday, 25 January 2019

Broadford Host an Open Morning

We had the pleasure of welcoming a team from the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership, to discuss how we implement a self - led learning approach from EYFS through to Year 2 across our Federation. It was great to share our passion, our forever evolving journey and to share ideas to continue developing an approach that we all firmly believe in.

An open invite into our environment ensured our visitors got to see our vision in action and how our children thrive through a continuous provision approach.

We believe that all children can access learning through self led opportunities which offer variety, curiosity and challenge. Through high quality, purposeful play, children are able to learn practically. Hands-on meaningful experiences will allow them to make sense of the world, encouraging them to explore and investigate in a unique and non-threatening way. Children must be able to play freely and safely while learning to manage risks and make choices about where, how and when they play according to their age, stage and ability.

We believe in providing opportunities to ensure that children enjoy high quality self led learning, particularly outdoor free play in stimulating spaces with access to nature, on a daily basis.  High quality play opportunities and provision of a physical and social environment that supports play increase the likelihood of improved outcomes for children and lessen the impact of factors that lead to poorer outcomes. 

Collaborating with other schools benefits us all. It allows us to engage in meaningful conversations, share expertise and gain new ideas.

SSIF Training: Closing The Vocabulary Gap

On Monday 21st January, we hosted a training day, focusing on 'Closing the vocabulary gap in year one'. This training was lead by a consultant from Oxford University Press, for the benefit of Year 1 Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Throughout the day, participants got to:
  • explore theory and practice, including the key principles of vocabulary extension
  • supporting the selection of appropriate, engaging and motivating texts
  • identifying and supporting strategies that facilitate word learning
  • developing an understanding of word consciousness through rich oral language experiences.
This training was put in place to build on the support children had been receiving as part of the SSIF project being implemented through the Teaching School.
Whilst out visiting school this week, it was pleasing to hear that schools have already started implementing strategies that were explored during the training.

Monday, 14 January 2019

TA Training - Nuffield Early Language Intervention

On Friday, we welcomed back our TAs who are implementing The Nuffield Early Language Intervention across 15 school as part of the Strategic School Improvement Fund project. The project is a third of the way through and is now in the final 10 weeks. The project continues to be successful due the commitment, self reflection and knowledge that the TAs are bringing to the project.

The Nuffield Early Language Intervention is an evidence-based oral language intervention for children in nursery and reception who show weakness in their oral language skills and who are therefore at risk of experiencing difficulty with reading. It is delivered over 30 weeks by teaching assistants in groups of 3-4 children.

The intervention was developed by a team from the University of York, who subsequently carried out a randomised control trial in 15 schools and feeder-nurseries across Yorkshire. After 30 weeks, the children who had received the intervention had improved expressive language skills, including the use of vocabulary and grammar. Their letter-sound knowledge and spelling also improved, indicating the foundations of phonics were in place.

Monday, 3 December 2018

CPD Training with Pete Moorhouse

We were delighted to welcome Pete Moorhouse to Mead Primay School to deliver day 2 of our Vision to Provision programme. This was a fantastic opportunity for Havering's EYFS Leads to take part in some fantastic CPD funded through Havering Primary Teaching School Alliance. With 37 schools represented, we look forward to seeing how woodwork develops across the curriculum throughout the year. Pete will be back to join us for a final conference in May.
Pete Moorhouse is passionate about encouraging creative thinking in Early Years Education. He has over 25 years experience working with schools.
Pete is the leading authority on Woodwork in Early Years Education and has several journal articles and books published. Pete is an  Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol currently researching Creativity and Critical thinking in Early Years Education
Pete is dedicated to providing opportunities for all children to express their creativity and develop their creative and critical thinking skills, and firmly believes in narrowing the gap in attainment and improving outcomes for all children.