Monday, 14 May 2018

Google Level 1 Bootcamp

We were delighted to welcome 37 educators from 10 different schools to Mead Primary for a Google Level 1 Bootcamp on Thursday 3rd May. This was a change for teachers and leaders to become familiar with the different tools and apps available in Google G Suite, while imagining how they could then apply them in their school.

My mission is to now get my application and admission process to a completely paperless state. I had no idea about the power of Forms and the kind of information that I could collect.
Central Park Primary

100% of the delegates agreed (67% strongly) that they were now more confident with Google G Suite and felt empowered to advance adoption in their schools.

Google G Suite has been transformational at Broadford and Mead Primary. The collaboration that the apps unlocks is amazing and has dramatically improved communication, increased efficiency and reduced workload. 
M Drakes - Executive Headteacher

Key to the success of the workshop are the Facilitators. Apps Events provided a brilliant team who kept the tone light, fun, enjoyable... yet incredibly informative.

If you are interested in attending a Google Bootcamp then check out the Apps Events website, or contact our teaching school:

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