Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Harold Hill Cluster Teach Meet

Harold Hill Cluster Teach Meet

Broadford Primary School recently hosted a Teach Meet session for teachers working in the local area. Networking like this provides an opportunity for teachers to come together across clusters and neighbouring schools to share best practice and explore new ideas.

Teach Meets are for teachers, led by teachers. This was an opportunity for fellow year group partners to support one another and for year group leaders to lead CPD, as we all know we can learn most effectively from one another.

The focus for the session was 'Maths Starters'. Each teacher gave a 2 minute presentation on an idea that they have used successfully in their classroom.

Towards the end of sessions and having been exposed to many new ideas to use back in the classroom, we asked teachers to complete a survey about their experience of the Teach Meet.

56 teachers completed the survey:

89% agreed that they had learnt something new that could help improve their own practice.

87% thought it was a useful chance to network.

84% said that the event had helped them to think about their own practice and self- improvement.

We also asked how we could improve the Teach Meet sessions. Some of the responses we received were;

"I would like the opportunity to work with more school for a greater range of ideas." Year 6 teacher

"Everyone should bring concrete examples to take away." Year 3 teacher.