Thursday, 19 July 2018

SSIF Intervention Group

The NELI project - which is only possible due to the Strategic School Improvement Fund - is now underway in 15 schools. Pupils are getting access to five days a week of communication and language support.

The aim is to see more disadvantaged pupils managing to reach the exceeding expectations for the end of EYFS. Havering typically has very strong results with expected outcomes. However we don't see as many pupils reach the higher level - particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is already having an impact on their narrative skills. At the start the children were using less that 15 words to respond to a stimulus. They weren't confident with their connectives and the range of information contained in the talk was limited. So far we have seen improvement if 20%+.
A Pidgeon - SLE

It has also been a great vehicle for looking at the wider setting and how language can be improved in all areas.

  • Do all staff have the same expectations for an effective narrative - explanation beyond one sentence?
  • Are instructions given clearly by all staff?
  • Are pupils given thinking time to process their response?
  • Do you see adults modelling vocabulary that you want the pupils to be able to use?
  • Are verbs promoted as much as nouns are?

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