Tuesday, 17 July 2018

DfE Visit to SSIF

We were delighted to welcome Alex Birkhamshaw - from the Department for Education - to come and see the NELI project in action.

The children were very excited to give a demonstration of their listening skills and show how they were able to handle the vocabulary that Mrs Mackman was giving them.

Specialist Leaders are making weekly visits to the focus schools to support the Teaching Assistants in the delivery of the intervention.

The weekly support has been so helpful. My SLE has supported my reflections on what I need to tweak to make the next session more effective. 
Teaching Assistant

It has also been great to see the support from Governors, who have attended the information sessions. It has made it more likely that EYFS outcomes will be championed at a Governing Board level and that the impact of the project will be sustained beyond July 2019.

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