Monday, 14 January 2019

TA Training - Nuffield Early Language Intervention

On Friday, we welcomed back our TAs who are implementing The Nuffield Early Language Intervention across 15 school as part of the Strategic School Improvement Fund project. The project is a third of the way through and is now in the final 10 weeks. The project continues to be successful due the commitment, self reflection and knowledge that the TAs are bringing to the project.

The Nuffield Early Language Intervention is an evidence-based oral language intervention for children in nursery and reception who show weakness in their oral language skills and who are therefore at risk of experiencing difficulty with reading. It is delivered over 30 weeks by teaching assistants in groups of 3-4 children.

The intervention was developed by a team from the University of York, who subsequently carried out a randomised control trial in 15 schools and feeder-nurseries across Yorkshire. After 30 weeks, the children who had received the intervention had improved expressive language skills, including the use of vocabulary and grammar. Their letter-sound knowledge and spelling also improved, indicating the foundations of phonics were in place.

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