Friday, 25 January 2019

Broadford Host an Open Morning

We had the pleasure of welcoming a team from the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership, to discuss how we implement a self - led learning approach from EYFS through to Year 2 across our Federation. It was great to share our passion, our forever evolving journey and to share ideas to continue developing an approach that we all firmly believe in.

An open invite into our environment ensured our visitors got to see our vision in action and how our children thrive through a continuous provision approach.

We believe that all children can access learning through self led opportunities which offer variety, curiosity and challenge. Through high quality, purposeful play, children are able to learn practically. Hands-on meaningful experiences will allow them to make sense of the world, encouraging them to explore and investigate in a unique and non-threatening way. Children must be able to play freely and safely while learning to manage risks and make choices about where, how and when they play according to their age, stage and ability.

We believe in providing opportunities to ensure that children enjoy high quality self led learning, particularly outdoor free play in stimulating spaces with access to nature, on a daily basis.  High quality play opportunities and provision of a physical and social environment that supports play increase the likelihood of improved outcomes for children and lessen the impact of factors that lead to poorer outcomes. 

Collaborating with other schools benefits us all. It allows us to engage in meaningful conversations, share expertise and gain new ideas.

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