Friday, 25 January 2019

SSIF Training: Closing The Vocabulary Gap

On Monday 21st January, we hosted a training day, focusing on 'Closing the vocabulary gap in year one'. This training was lead by a consultant from Oxford University Press, for the benefit of Year 1 Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Throughout the day, participants got to:
  • explore theory and practice, including the key principles of vocabulary extension
  • supporting the selection of appropriate, engaging and motivating texts
  • identifying and supporting strategies that facilitate word learning
  • developing an understanding of word consciousness through rich oral language experiences.
This training was put in place to build on the support children had been receiving as part of the SSIF project being implemented through the Teaching School.
Whilst out visiting school this week, it was pleasing to hear that schools have already started implementing strategies that were explored during the training.

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