Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Staff Wellbeing Ideas

Ensuring that you are doing all you can as a leader to recognise the effort your staff are putting in is hard. All day long, tiny acts of kindness and outstanding practice are taking place and you will only see a fraction of them.

How do you communicate your thanks to staff? What do you recognise? Will teams be aware that you do notice?

Here are some simple ideas we have found:

Recognition and rewards:
  • Employee awards – nominated within team from team
  • Recognition of and incentives for achievements – boxes of chocolates, certificates etc
  • Regular praise for good achievements
  • Achievable goals with prizes
  • Always try to relate to and empathise with your staff. This is paramount when working with our clients so it should be with our peers
  • Have a positive part of team meetings – colleagues say something positive or recognise a quality in each other and say it
  • Compliments hour – only give nice comments and feedback
  • Give staff a “voucher” (£40-50) to spend on training & development that is NOT work related and then publicise what they’ve done
  • Listen, ask, keep excellent communications.... buy cake!
  • Thank people – make them feel appreciated.
  • Say “thank you” to your staff when they have done well (even better with a handwritten or at least personally signed note to them)

How do you ensure that staff achieve some semblance of a work/life balance? Is there a way that you can help Middle Leaders take the temperature of their team? Is there a 'staff tracker/bingo card' where you try to encourage them to try a range of wellbeing activities to give them a break and help them unwind?

Can you create some time in the day for individuals or teams to take a break?

Here are some simple ways that staff could try to give themselves a break.

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