Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Social Divide Widening

A new report, by the Longevity Science Panel, shows that efforts to close the life expectancy gap are now kicking into reverse. Despite a wide range of efforts and initiatives, the latest data shows that a boy born in a poor neighbourhood today will die 8.4 years earlier than someone from a richer are. Even with improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, the gap in life expectancy is still widening.

On average a boy born in one of the fifth richest neighborhoods can expect to live 8.4 years longer than someone born in one of the poorest areas -up from 7.2 years in 2001. The gap is widening for girls too, with poor girls born this year expected to die 5.8 years younger than rich girls - up from five years in 2001.

Researchers said the widening gap is 'mainly about money' and those on benefits and with little cash expected to die younger than their richer counterparts.

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