Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Vision 2 Provision

Julie Fisher took the keynote session for the launch event of our EYFS Leadership Development course. The session asked some challenging questions of the Headteachers and EYFS leaders who were participating and offered them a chance to reflect on what aspects of their provision need to be improved over the year ahead:

  • how would you articulate your vision for the education of EYFS children in your school?
  • how confident are all staff who work in the setting at articulating the vision?
  • how is the vision bought to life in everyday practice and provision?
  • what is your understanding of how young children learn?
  • does your setting allow for these preferences and approaches to flourish?
  • are all of your staff confident with the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'?
  • what balance is there between adult led, child led and adult initiated learning in your setting?
  • how effectively is the outdoor environment used to strengthen and enrich provision?
  • is your timetable allowing for optimum learning
There are five more sessions to follow this, where EYFS leads will reflect on the key questions and strengthen/shape their vision for provision.

If you are a Havering EYFS Lead and would like to join, just look for the sessions on the Havering CPD Portal. The next date is the 4th December (half day- repeated in the afternoon) at Mead Primary.

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