Thursday, 7 September 2017

An opportunity for SENCOs

The NASENCO award is a statutory requirement for all SENCOs appointed new to role from September 2008 and is an excellent opportunity for professional development for experienced SENCOs. This autumn we have training groups for the National Award around the country and we would like to ask you to please forward this email to any relevant colleagues or the person responsible for CPD in your school.

Our NASENCO programme is delivered in partnership with the School of Education’s CPD Department at Bath Spa University (BSU). It incorporates the Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education from their Professional Master’s Programme, worth the first 60 credits towards a Master’s (MA) degree. We are also a member of the NASEN Provider Group that quality assures relevant standards.

Registration will close in September. Candidates can apply at the following link:

We have organised a webinar: NASENCO - Briefing for Prospective SENCOs on Monday, 11th September. Please could you notify any prospective SENCOs in your network that they can register for the online event at the following link:

The purpose of the webinar will be to:
*provide an initial overview of the Best Practice Network NASENCO training programme
*explain the NASENCO assessment processes and timescales involved
*answer any initial questions prospective candidates may have

Any questions? Contact us on 0117 9209 424 or email

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