Friday, 24 February 2017

Insights Leadership Survey

Participants in the Equality & Diversity programme - faciliitated by The Best Practice Network & Jill McMillan Consultancy - recieved their Insights Leadership Styles survey results this week.

This initial survey is crafted from Insights Discovery. To begin with the participants took an online evaluation - which lasts approximately 20 minutes. Each individual then received a unique Insights Discovery Personal Profile which highlighted their own strengths and weaknesses, communication styles, approach to problems and value to the team.

The profile also outlined that person's unique "colour mix" - Sunshine Yellow, Cool Blue, Earth Green and Fiery Red.

Everyone has a different combination of these traits or colours, and when an individual understands this combination, and why they think and act in the way they do, they can start to work more harmoniously and effectively with others. 

No one is a single colour - we are all of them

The findings unearthed during the profiling process will then be explored in greater depth as part of a dedicated workshop for you and your colleagues. 

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