Monday, 11 June 2018

Vision to Provison

On Friday, EYFS Leads across the Borough came together for the final session of ‘Vision to Provision’. The programme is designed to facilitate continuing professional development for Early Years Leaders, focusing specifically on the establishment of a vision for everyday practice, the practical application of leadership strategies and the ensuring of a great start to school for all Havering Reception aged pupils.

Throughout the programme, we were able to support EYFS leads and Headteachers to form a compelling vision for their Early Years setting. We wanted to ensure that EYFS leaders felt more confident about their leadership potential and skills and to link feedback from moderation and data to the ongoing cycle of continuous improvement.

100% of participants strongly agreed/agreed, that they had been inspired to review their vision and practice within their own school.

100% strongly agreed/agreed that the vision for Early Years and the day to provision is now stronger, clearer and more consistent

97% strongly agreed/agreed that they have developed more confidence and have established a stronger knowledge and understanding of leadership.

“It has been hugely beneficial to meet with colleagues so regularly - it is a constant reassurance that I am on the right track as a new lead.”

“The course has allowed me to grow as an Early Years Lead and practitioner…I have taken ideas back to change aspects of the environment, which has not seen change for a few years.”

“The course has supported me in improving my leadership skills, helping me to understand more of what is needed and my confidence to discuss data.”

“V2P has supported my leadership and encouraged me to think/develop different areas of Early Years. EYFS and the SLT have a greater understanding of our vision in the Early Years.”

"V2P gave me the inspiration to make changes and the confidence to do so!”

We look forward to working with the EYFS Leads in 2018/19, and would like to say thank you to all of you for your excellent participation throught the year.

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